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"this carefully crafted book" gently guides the reader toward a knowledge of herself that can allow her to be comfortable in any environment."

David R. Shlim, M.D., Medical Director, Jackson Hole Travel and Tropical Medicine, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Expat Resources

For Corporate, Foreign Service, Military, and Missionary Spouses Overseas:

Site of the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide, addresses the interests and concerns of Foreign Service spouses, employees, and retirees. The site provides a recommended Foreign Service reading list, which includes a very favorable review for A Portable Identity. The site also hosts Livelines, an internet discussion group for members of the Foreign Service community.

Robin Pascoe, author of five best-selling books and inspirational speaker on expatriate life, is best known as the Expat Expert. She is an advocate for the needs of expatriate families, especially expatriate women. Robin's site keeps you up to date on events and news of concern to expatriates abroad and has two chatrooms related to the topics of her acclaimed books.

Families in Global Transition is an organization that sponsors conferences for the purpose of networking between academic, diplomatic, military, corporate and mission sectors about the issues families face during international relocation.

Inspired Beijing is a platform designed to support the personal and professional development needs of expat accompanying spouses in Beijing. Inspired organizes stimulating workshops, seminars, and luncheons on the topics "My Career", "My Self", "My Inspiration" and "My China".

National Military Family Association site, originally created by military wives and widows, provides information and also advocates for improvement in the quality of life of military families.

Looking for work? Looking for a life? Looking for a purpose for your presence? Feeling down in your new location? International transitions can be tough and the "trailing spouse" has a lot of hopes, dreams, expectations and obligations. A coach can give you accountability and help you find your way. Contact Terri Williams, a veteran "trailing spouse".

Yvonne McNulty's site is devoted to the concerns of trailing spouses, with relevant articles and information, including The Trailing Spouse Survey, published in 2005. Her findings are the result of her research on the challenges and issues facing the modern trailing spouse. It is receiving unprecedented recognition as the survey of choice amongst universities, relocation companies and corporate HR departments wanting to understand the critical role of spouses on international assignments and what can be done to help them.

Website and associated community of expatriate spouses that provides support in the form of peer assistance and a means of accessing networks of businesses and other organizations around the world who understand the challenges facing trailing spouses and that can also provide employment and business opportunities for expat spouses who want to work in their chosen field.

International Toll Free Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Hotline (1-866- USWOMEN) for Americans in foreign countries. The crisis line number is toll free internationally by calling the local AT&T operator from the country you are living in and asking to be connected to 866-USWOMEN. The crisis line is toll free nationally to serve families who have loved ones being abused overseas by dialing 1-866-USWOMEN. Domestic violence advocates are available from Monday 9:00am continuously through Friday 11:00pm, Pacific Standard Time in the US.

For the International Expatriate Woman:
Bangkok based site for mothers that gives information about playgroups, parenting programs, and special events. This organization is a model for what can be accomplished when a small group of women with similar needs comes together to create a support for themselves and their children while living in a foreign country.

Jo Parfitt's site dedicated to the career needs and concerns of the international expatriate woman. She advocates for the "portable career", and her site offers surveys and exercises as well as information about her book A Career in your Suitcase.

A free, on-line magazine for expatriate women. Country profiles and many articles are written by women living overseas. The site includes chatboards for expatriate women to share information about living abroad.

A free web site helping all expatriate women from all nationalities in any country in the world, share experiences and advice, find resources for living in a foreign country, with a monthly newsletter featuring the success story, mentor, reader story, book of the month, plus other interesting articles.

Site of the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas, which sponsors clubs as a support network for women moving, living, and working overseas. FAWCO has over 18,000 members in 35 countries.

The Female Expat Project is a collection of writing, art, and audio that archives and reflects the lives of female expatriates living throughout the world. Rather than focusing on the practical challenges of women constructing lives overseas, this website concentrates on the subtle shifts in perception that occur when women choose to move from their country of origin. The site depends on submissions by women who are or have been expats and feel a connection to the content of the site. The most recent and exciting part of the site is the addition of an audio blog where women can hear each other’s voices and leave messages for future generations of female expats.

A website for international homeworkers and expatriates that has an international book store and expatriate resources for women living overseas. The site also offers relocation, job, education, travel, medical, and investment and tax information.

Susan Miller, of N.E.W. Ministries, offers support for women moving overseas from a Christian perspective.

An international support group for stay-at-home mothers of any age children. Mothers and their children are welcome at informative meetings, activities, and play groups. There are chapters currently in the USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Ghana, Nigeria, Portugal, and Sicily, Italy and they would like to expand to other countries as well.

About Moving, Working, and Living Overseas:
Career Resource Center for Expatriates (CRCE) offers invaluable services to expatriates seeking job opportunities in Singapore through job listings and workshops. We help permanent residents, dependant pass holders and long-term social visit pass holders, of all nationalities, explore employment opportunities in Singapore.

Connecting Expats Worldwide-Portal for the expatriate community around the world. Includes useful country dedicated resources and discussion forums.

Amsterdam Expats provides practical information for expatriates coming to, or living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Community forum for expatriates living or traveling in Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia.

British Corner Shop - British food shopping online delivered worldwide.

Cultural information for every country in the world, including greetings, gestures, gender issues, taboos, social etiquette, business protocol, student life and much more!

Practical and up to date information for Expatriates: Careers & Jobs, Move, Taxes, Accommodation, Healthcare, International Schools, Childcare, Repatriation, Social Life ...

Executive Resources Limited offers international human resource, employee benefit & compensation, salary survey & expatriate services. Their site has a section on resources for expatriates (click on "Resources" at the bottom of any page of their site to find "Expatriate").

One of the most extensive websites for expatriates with information about: working and living overseas, expatriate resources, embassies, country profiles, travel, and buying and selling real estate, boats, barges, and yachts.

The Expat Checklist is a practical and simple guide to items that should be considered in an expatriate agreement, including hints on developing a successful expatriate agreement.

Expatica provides news and information for English-speaking expatriates and internationals living in, working in, or moving to Europe. Join us for your daily news in English, events, information on relocation, housing, job searching - and make the most of your life abroad.

Expat Info Desk specializes in supplying city guides to help expatriates and their families successfully relocate abroad. It also contains a free resources section with general information on moving and working overseas.

The international site for expats everywhere, reuniting friends and families all over the world.

Wikis and forums helping expats find their comfort zone in Asia!

Missing your favorites from home? With Global Gophers, you can order all of your favorite food, clothing, cosmetics and more and have them shipped to your door. We can get American, British, French, Canadian and Australian goodies. You name the product, we'll get it for you. Why do without, when you can have all the comforts of home with Global Gophers?

Studying and Jobs in Australia - Your Essential FREE guide for studying abroad in Australia and help on finding international jobs in Australia.

InterNations - the Community for Expatriates and Global Minds. Our expat community helps you to settle easily when moving or living abroad. Connect with expats, find information and tips about life abroad and meet fellow expatriates at InterNations events.

Expertise in Labour Mobility offers professional advice for successful expatriation, and guides on job hunting in 40 countries. They help businesses and individuals become an integral part of the global workplace.

Lex Expats acts as a worldwide broker for management jobs between international companies and expats looking for a new challenge.

Community Services Association (CSA) offers programs and activities in support of the expatriate community working and living in Egypt. CSA is located in Maadi, Cairo.

International and Expat Medical Insurance Broker - Free Quotes and Impartial Advice

A Communications consulting firm based in Washington DC specializing in cross-cultural management, global diversity, and relocation training. They have an extensive bookstore specific to moving, working, and living overseas and they provide a link to Amazon.

Website devoted to expert advice to help plan your big move, including articles and a free monthly newsletter about planning, packing and, moving house.

Tales from a Small Planet grew from a small publication put together by two Foreign Service spouses to become an on-line magazine where expats can contribute stories, essays, advice, and satires that capture the experience of moving and living abroad. It also offers two e-groups, Abroadview and Spousesview, and useful country-specific information from expats worldwide (the "Real Post Reports").

Parenting While Abroad is a clearinghouse of information with original stories and interviews designed to help expats better parent their children.

Authors and Speakers of Expatriate Topics:
Website of Beverly Roman, a relocation expert, speaker, author, and publisher of books on domestic and international relocation. Expatriate resources on her site include a monthly newsletter, articles, and helpful links.

Melissa Hess and Patricia Linderman are two Foreign Service spouses who co-authored The Expert Expatriate: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad, a comprehensive guide for making the transition to life abroad.

Tips and inspiration to connect to your creativity in everyday life. Founded by author and coach Charise Hoge and artist and coach Kate Kroska, co-facilitators of teleworkshops on creativity.

Barbara Schaetti, PhD, principal consultant of Transition Dynamics, a consultancy serving the international expatriate and repatriate community by offering coaching, seminars, and leadership services.

Research in progress to improve the lives of expatriate accompanying spouses, families, and children:
A Portable Identity supports researchers in their efforts to improve the lives of expatriates. Please contact us if you would like us to post information and a link to your research study.


The Expatriate Spouse: Adjustment to Expatriate Life. Hello, my name is Clare Wilson and I am currently completing my Masters of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology through Massey University, New Zealand. My research aims to investigate how social support affects expatriate spouses’ adjustment, and the outcomes of this adjustment in terms of their well-being. If your spouse* has relocated to another country due to employment, you are currently accompanying them, and you are proficient in English, I would like to invite you to complete my online questionnaire. *For the purposes of this research the term ‘spouse’ refers to any individual in a marital equivalent relationship. The questionnaire will remain open until late December 2010.

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